About the Series


Celebrating the diversity of the American Wilderness experience

In wild places there is incredible natural beauty and also an opportunity for personal reflection, inspiration, and growth. Take a delightful immersive journey through America’s wild places, experiencing National Park Service Wilderness from a variety of perspectives ranging from ultra-marathoners running on the trails to musicians composing songs inspired by the natural landscape. Together, these short stories celebrate the range and richness of an American Wilderness experience.


A unique partnership & Graduate Thesis

A first of its kind, this web series and Film Fellowship was born out of a unique partnership between the National Park Service Harper’s Ferry Center for Interpretation and Design, the National Park Service Wilderness Stewardship Division, and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University.

Film fellows and MFA graduate students, Erin Finicane and Sarah Gulick, are producing this video series as a part of their Masters thesis at American University, working with the Harper’s Ferry Center and the Wilderness Stewardship Division of NPS to engage the public on the topic of wilderness designation in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Wilderness Act.

AU Thesis Advisors: Prof. Maggie Stogner, Prof. Bill Gentile, and Prof. Chris Palmer
Harper’s Ferry Center NPS Advisor: Chuck Dunkerly
Wilderness Stewardship Advisor: Garry Oye